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Dark Chocolate Brownie

Dark Chocolate Brownies



Brownies, when you can’t decide whether to have some cakes or enjoy the cookies!  This long time fave can come in any shapes, although mostly squares.

Brownie got its name from its dark ‘brown’ color. It was originated in the USA, developed at the end of 19th century but grew popular in the first half of 20th century. Today, we can find a lot of nuts and chocolate variations in the taste evolution of brownies. Depending on its density, the two most popular styles of brownie are fudgy and cakey. A fudgy brownie has a more dense and moist texture, and also more buttery and richer than the cakey brownie. A cakey brownie is lighter and has a texture that is closer to cake. In Indonesia, steamed brownie has grown popular as an alternative to the classical baked brownies.

At Fel Bakery, we modified the classic chocolate brownie for all the sweet lovers. Sitting on top of a luscious pie layer, our chocolate brownie is an exceedingly rich and intense chocolate flavor delights, infused with a touch of orange and cinnamon dash and finished off with a mix of almond and cashew nuts. The capsule shape and gold leaf topper has given our brownie its own individual sophisticated look.

Our chocolate brownie is available in capsule size 20×10 cm.

We require minimum 3 days of notice for order.



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