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Legit Layer Cake

Legit Layer Cake

A multi layered cake which is made from fine butter, yolks, sugar and aromatic Indonesian spices. The rich batter is baked layer by layer, to create the body of the cake. A special mixture of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, clove, mace and anise accentuates the flavour. This firm textured Indonesian layered cake is inspired by the Dutch version of multi layered spit cake. There are many varieties of ‘legit layer’ cake at present, with different creativity and baking style. Fel Bakery offers the classical version of sweet layered cake, made from a very special ‘spekkoek’ spices that has been tested and refined from our kitchen.

Our Legit Layered Cake is available in size 20x20 cm.

We require minimum 3 days notice for order.

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