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Pineapple Cookies

Nastar is a sweet cookie with pineapple jam filling, comes from the Dutch terms of ananas and taart, whereas in English terms it is called as the Pineapple Tart. Made of butter, sugar, eggs and flour mix, then filled with pineapple jam, the cookie is mostly shaped as 2cm round ball and packed together inside a plastic container. Nastar is popular not only during festive days, as it can be found in most bakeries, supermarkets and snack shops for people to enjoy at anytime.

In Taiwan, Nastar is called Fènglísū (鳳梨酥) or known as the Pineapple Cake or Pineapple Pastry. The shape is usually either rectangular or square, and the taste is a perfect blend of melt-in-the mouth texture from sweet, buttery and milky dough combined with chewy, sweeter, less tart, less fibrous pineapple paste filling. The packaging of Taiwanese pineapple cake is usually made of an eye-catching beautiful box, with each pineapple cake wrapped individually. Lots of tourists prefer to bring Taiwanese pineapple cakes over other food or snacks as authentic gifts for family and friends.

Fel Bakery offers square shaped melt-in-the-mouth pineapple cookies made with fine ingredients without any preservative, filled with a rich taste of pineapple jam.

We require minimum 3 days notice for order.

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