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Strawberry Cheese Layer Cake

Mille Crêpes is a popular French cake made of more than 20 layers of delicious batter and frosting. A crêpe is a type of a very thin pancake whereas the term mille means a “thousand” which implies the many layers of the cake. Not only sweet, a crêpe can also be made into savoury one.

Fel Bakery invites you to share in the delights of this special strawberry cheese flavored cake made of layers stacked and sandwiched with luscious cream. The delicate texture combined with the right balance of sweet and cheesy taste offers pleasures within each bites. Decorated with pretty arrangement of fresh strawberry slices on top the the cream, the 20 cm diameter golden mille crêpes makes a simply beautiful presentation in your occasions.

We require a minimum of 3 days notice for order. The cake needs to be kept chilled before serving.



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